The Revelation Project is a soul project.

Life is always offering itself to us; revealing opportunities, insights, and possibilities to deepen and enrich our daily experience.  

The Revelation Project is designed to offer you a new perspective. TRP shifts our perceptions and invites us out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, deepening our relationship with ourselves and those we love. 

If you wish to embrace the life you lead, the body you inhabit, and the relationships you cherish, join us as we take a soul-journey using photo-journaling techniques, co-active life-coaching, transformative workshops, and more.  

Enjoy our interviews, photographs, and insights as you explore our blog and website.


TRP is proud to offer several programs that can assist you on your journey of self discovery.

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The images we have captures of our participants speak for themselves.  The insight gained through the process of doing any of our programs is invaluable. 

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Many of our participants have completed interviews that illuminate the process of their own TRP experience.  The interviews are moving, and incredibly inspiring.