Since 2010, TRP has witnessed our participants transform their beliefs about what is possible in their lives. We've watched them emerge and literally "come to life" through our workshops, retreats, and personal coaching services.

Graduates of our program have published their dream books, shifted into fulfilling careers, and brought their voice back to center stage.  

Our programs are designed to explore edges, bridge gaps, and expand awareness. We hope you'll join us to rediscover what's possible for your one wild and precious life.  

What gets revealed, gets healed. 

Monica Rodgers, & Andrea Willets have been working together as a team for The Revelation Project since 2011.  

We are fun, deeply insightful and work beautifully together. We ask powerful questions and are not afraid to add edge and guide women out of the comfort zone because that’s where Revelations happen, and revelation leads to transformation, and what gets revealed, gets healed!

In addition to growing The Revelation Project from a relatively unknown concept into a full fledged business, we have each independently owned and operated our own companies and enterprises and have a wealth of experience in knowing what works. We have also each known and overcome tremendous adversity that has grown and developed us into woman that we are proud to be. Both of us have a growth-mindset and perceive failure as a great way to learn and innovate. In addition, we each have over 25 + years of experience in sales, marketing, leadership & communications.

While TRP started as a side project and was volunteer based, our rapid growth challenged us to reconsider this work full-time. Our programs are expanding and we have redesigned our offerings to reach a broader audience of women through workshops, public speaking engagements, retreats, personal coaching & of course social media. 

Our vision is that TRP becomes accessible to all women.


CPCC: Co-Active Coach, Truth Teller, Soul-Seeker 

Monica Rodgers, CPCC: Founder: The Revelation Project; Transformative Workshops for Women & Revelation Coaching; Life Coaching for Women

Monica Rodgers is a serial entrepreneur with over 25+ years of business development experience including: sales, brand development, social media marketing, business coaching & consulting.

Monica is the founder of Little Bits by Monica Rodgers, The Earth Savers Gang Story Book Series, The Revelation Project, Revelation Media and Loving Yourself Well, & Revelation Coaching.

Monica Rodgers, CPCC, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, with a special focus coaching women who want to reveal more passion, vitality, & perspective in their lives. Monica also loves working with women who are making bold shifts and new connections to their inner purpose and wanting to express their work in the world through business, art, media, blogging and beyond.

Founder of Revelation Media, LLC. The Revelation Project (TRP), uses workshops, coaching, photography, social media, and journaling as tools for transformation to inspire women to reveal their authentic selves.

Monica is a consultant/ educator to many in the following areas:

Social Media Marketing & Training
Website Development
Professional or Personal Coaching / Smart Coaching TM Content Development & Blogging
Business Consulting
Life and Business Coach

Revelation Media: FOUNDER- /January 2011/ Social media training, website development, content strategy, brand development.

Little Bits By Monica Rodgers: FOUNDER 2004- 2010
Successfully built and launched lifestyle brand Little Bits in 2004 with retail and wholesale distribution in the continental US. Little Bits by Monica Rodgers is a nationally recognized brand with award winning products and celebrity following. Featured in InStyle Magazine, The New York Times, Parenting, Child, Cookie Mag, The Today Show. Celebrity clients include: Kate Hudson, Tiger Woods, Liv Tyler, Jenny Garth, Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani.

Monica rodgers photographed by Kim Fuller for TRP

I believe that life IS a Revelation Project and that self-awareness is the key to consciousness and freedom. I believe personal stories are powerful and that by telling them, we have the ability to inspire others.

I believe that our self image can imprison or empower and I believe that women everywhere are breaking free from a system of oppression and are waking and rising and exploring a new vision for the future.

TRP is a catalyst to know yourself authentically and experience your life from new perspectives. It’s about revealing the MORE and experiencing each day through a new source of creativity, opportunity and insight. 

If you've wandered across TRP's path today, it might not be an accident. 

TRP is an incredible tool for self-excavation, myth busting, and capturing the very essence of our individual purpose, passions and soul-work.

Here's to revealing more..

Click here for more information on Monica's business background. 


Social Artist, Co-Active Coach & Leader, Truth-Seeker

Andrea Willets, CPCC: Stonington based Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Willets has a long history in the area, with deeply tapped roots touching the lives of hundreds of local residence in one way or another. Owner of Voice of My Life, Coaching and Leadership Development, and Co-Founder of Revelation Media, LLC. Andrea is a social artist as well and performs a traveling one-woman show called “Sorry, No More!”. She has been coaching women and couples, facilitates BOD for non profits and team facilitates retreats for the past 13 years.

Andrea received her coaching certification through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and is a Leadership Graduate of CTI as well, trained in Organizational Relationship Systems (ORSC) by Center for Right Relationship, and is a recognized certified coach by The International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Andrea is a Key Note Speaker on Women’s issues, with particular focus on, “How to stop apologizing for your life”.

Andrea designs and facilitates workshops and retreats for organizations, non profits, and women’s groups.

Co-Founder of Revelation Media, LLC., The Revelation Project (TRP), uses workshops, coaching, photography, social media, and journaling as tools for transformation to inspire women to reveal their authentic selves.

Revealing More:

Being in my fifties with full permission, a mom of 3 amazing children, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Leader, Inspirational keynote speaker, Designer, Facilitator, and Performer- Who am I really?

I am a Social Artist, and a woman in the free fall of her life. Although this is not an easy place to exist, it is a rich, gritty, heart pounding place, letting me know I am finally fully awake to my life with my eyes wide open…and I welcome this wild ride with all my heart. After years of being asleep at the wheel of my daily life, I have finally arrived at my life’s front door, ringing its bell every day, making damn sure I am present to all of my story; the good, the bad, and the messy. I am finally celebrating my “human-mess” no longer camouflaging my Soul’s Truth. I give myself full permission to be fully Self-Expressed without apology; no longer editing myself for others, re-claiming my birth rite to define myself. I am perfectly imperfect, and this includes my bodacious derrière!

It is my privilege to be a shepherd of TRP.  We often talk about how TRP has a life of it's own, and it guides us to where, when, and how...  The women that show up are craving that something more, deeper, sometimes inexplicable desire, and we get to help them, coach them, guide them, and witness them, as they reveal whatever "It" may be.  It's that wild ride I refer to, that has the power to change everything.  I have the honor of meeting brave, glorious, feminine souls that show up to be Revealed, and show up to re-claim a part of themselves that may have gotten lost or has never been discovered until now.  And I fall in love with every single woman!

Along with my coaching practice and TRP, I perform a one woman show, “Sorry, NO MORE!” inspiring women of all ages to stop apologizing for their lives!

The importance of people and community, and my belief in the process of Self Discovery and transformation in all areas of life, have coalesced into a career that feels more truly like a calling.

Guest Photographer KIM FULLER

Photographer, Buddhist, Award Winning Author

I am a voyeur of human behavior – especially through the lens of my camera. I am a student of the mind through the practice of meditation and Buddhism.  I study, explore, and create through the art of photography, and learned with the best at RISD.

I am a passionate, spiritual person who loves to laugh and dance. I am the strongest when I am with my closest friends and family. I cannot tolerate abuse and cruelty. I work at living my life from the heart, but know how the mind tries to interrupt, so I am often watching, training, and shifting my thinking so that I may be in the present moment as much as possible. I love to connect one on one using photography, and The Revelation Project allows me to be with women in a very powerful way. I have found grace and strength, and a wealth of possibility in each woman I’ve met through TRP. I find that when they journey to a new place inside themselves…I get to go along with them.

My children are my inspiration, my husband is my support, and it’s very important to me that we all stay connected. My life’s mission is to be with myself and others without judgment. I work at this daily so that I may live peacefully, deeply, and joyfully.

Enjoy Kim's Incredible TED Talk & read more about her here.

Kim looks through the lens of a camera every day but it's when she shifts her lens from looking outwards to inwards that she begins to find peace within herself and with others on a much greater scale; particularly with her adopted son who challenged her like no one had.

TRP is designed for reclamation by women of all colors, races, and creeds. Reclamation of mind, body, and spirit from all forms of misogyny, inequality, and disempowering narratives that keep women small & voice-less. The Revelation Project serves a community; a sacred circle of sisterhood, that celebrates and documents the multifaceted, powerful, and enduring spirit of women & girls. Using imagery, personal stories, and innovative tools for exploration, TRP intentionally disrupts the status-quo to reveal a deeper personal truth, delivering women back into the loving embrace of their limitless selves.
— Monica Rodgers Founder