Shifting Your Lens : Meet Kim Fuller

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Kim Fuller has been The Revelation Project's photographer for the last 6 years but I've been lucky enough to know her for the last 17. 

I met Kim when I hired her to photograph my wedding. I remember thinking then, that I wanted a chance to know her better.  A couple years later, I hired her to photograph my daughter, and again, to help brand a product I was working on at the time.  Each of my interactions with her left a major impression on me. She is so down to earth and real, and has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of whatever she is focused on.  

As a graduate of RISD, she's always stretching the creative envelope, working with new mediums, and setting her sights on her next project.  As an entrepreneur she's always seeking new ways to marry her business mind with her creative mind and she's been successful in bringing rich projects and business ideas to life. 

Two years ago, she let Andrea and I know that she was going to head to Florida to spend a month with her Sister because she'd been working on the beginning of a book and wanted to continue to write while there. Her goal was to complete it, return home, and seek publishing options. 

When Kim makes these statements, I've learned to believe her. 

Last year she officially published her book FINDING about her adopted son Keydell as her greatest spiritual teacher. Shortly after it's publication, she was invited to consider a TED talk based on her passion for new perspectives. She went through TEDx's rigorous submission process, deigned and practiced her talk until she got it right, and then  gave one of the most moving and memorable TEDx talks I've ever seen to a packed auditorium and was rewarded with a unanimous and thunderous standing ovation. I thought my heart would burst. 

Side note: Andrea and I practically had to sit on one another during the entire talk likely because we were so skited as we listened to her (scared and excited). We knew she was going to get he big O and we were right!  

Kim's not really one to brag on herself.  She's just happy to be a contribution to something positive.  In addition to serving in a boys group home for years (where she fell in love with Keydell), she can also be found in the pediatric ward with children who are battling cancer, speaking to large groups on any number of topics related to sharing what she has learned as a photographer, mindfulness practitioner and adoptive parent, donating her services to other worthwhile causes around town, refinishing found objects into beautiful & functional pieces, conducting mindful workshops, or investing her time in a community fundraiser; most recently, The Vagina Monologues, to raise awareness around domestic violence.  

Kim often shares about a defining moment in her life when she was hired to photograph an event at Salve Regina University where the Dalia Lama would appear.  Every time she tells the story, I get goose bumps because it was the exact moment she decided to pursue the study and practice of Buddhism.  She says that although he looked looked at her for just a moment;  that it felt like an eternity. Inside that moment, she felt a complete and total knowing of unconditional love. Her goal was to pursue this path in order to learn how to love unconditionally, as he had so powerfully revealed with his complete presence to her that day.   If you've met Kim, you know that once again, she's achieved her goal.  She brings her complete presence to as many human beings as is possible and is a gift of unconditional love for many she meets, including for anyone who blooms in front of her camera lens. 

If you get a moment today, please take a few minutes to watch her powerful Ted Talk. We just love her and we think you will too! 

Watch Kim's Ted Talk: 

"Kim looks through the lens of a camera every day but it's when she shifts her lens from looking outwards to inwards that she begins to find peace within herself and with others on a much greater scale; particularly with her adopted son who challenged her like no other person ever had."

One of my favorite images from Kim's REVEAL shoot with TRP: 


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