The Mindful Photography classes are designed to bring clear awareness to your life so that you can find more joy and fulfillment in all that you do.  Photography is the practice of looking and capturing a moment and it is the only medium that can do that.  

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to each moment with careful attention.  They are so similar right?  The fun part is creating a visual journal with the camera.  You are documenting your personal vision and your creative view of the world so it keeps the special moments of your life at the forefront of your thinking.  This literally begins to train your mind to more positive thinking.  Your images will be documented memories that you can reflect upon for years
to come.

TRP's professional photographer  Kim Fuller will guide you through her unique photography exercises and the practice of Mindfulness. You will just love learning regardless of if you have a high-end camera or just an i-phone.   Please fill out the info below to have Kim contact you with her next class schedule. 

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