TRP offers personal coaching services to individuals seeking more vitality, accountability, and connection in their lives.  You don't have to partake in our other programs to participate in a coaching relationship. 

If you've never had a life coach, you might wonder what it's all about.

 TRP Coaching is designed to:

  • Connect you to your life's purpose
  • Deepen your appreciation for your own unique gifts
  • Expand your awareness of what is possible
  • Release fears or habits that hold you back
  • Discover new perspectives 
  • Explore new ways of being
  • Inspire action to create new opportunities for joy 

Coaching is a wonderful and effective way to bring more joy and awareness to every aspect of your life. TRP coaching packages are reasonably priced with flexible payment options. 

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Once you have submitted your information, Andrea will send you a pre-intervew questionnaire and set up a time to conduct your first coaching session.

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