Save the Date!

October 4th, 5th 6th 2019

The Revelation Project Invites YOU:
for a transformative women’s retreat In Kennebunk Maine

to Reveal the T.R.U.T.H. of who YOU are.

Stephanie Glenn for TRP photographed by Kim Fuller Photography

Stephanie Glenn for TRP photographed by Kim Fuller Photography

Do you long for more transparency and authenticity in your life?  

(With friends, co-workers, significant others, family members, partners…)

Are you tired of pretending? 

(Pretending to be fine, busy, happy, capable, fulfilled, or to be someone you’re not… )

Are you curious to REVEAL the true YOU
& discover a sisterhood of support and celebration?

(and gather for many fun and revealing experiences including a hysterical DARE-TO-WEAR dinner party, dressed as a part of your SELF you rarely reveal…?)

TRP is committed to witnessing the ONE, UNIQUE, WILD & PRECIOUS YOU.

Allow us to guide you to your personal T.R.U.T.H.™ while learning to explore and reveal your UNIQUE gifts.

Experience your full wing-span, and fly!

Save your spot with a $300.00 deposit toward our early bird special of $650.00 per person all inclusive: This includes a private room experience, materials fee, and all food and beverage and locks in the rate making the remaining balance $400.00.

Shannon Kelly for TRP

Shannon Kelly for TRP

The Revelation Project believes that by revealing personal T.R.U.T.H. ™,
we can embrace who we are, claim our journey, & be the woman we are called to be.

We also know that growth happens, only when we DARE to show up for ourselves.

(and most women are culturally conditioned to put everyone else in their lives first)

Join us for an unforgettable weekend designed to reveal

Your Personal T.R.U.T.H. ™

TRP’s method of personal T.R.U.T.H. ™ will help you reveal the hidden patterns that keep you from actualizing your deepest self. Join us and experience a weekend of truth telling as we guide you in meditation, journaling, conversations & revealing exercises designed to explore your body’s wisdom & your honest Self. You’ll challenge the ways you’ve been culturally conditioned to behave, and you’ll unlock the door to dreams, desires and relationships that have formerly been hidden and elusive.

We will share, journal, play, and shift towards a positive heart-centered way of being, with integrity to Self!  Join us in T.R.U.T.H.™ and access the deep reservoir of insights, ideas, & wisdom you've been gathering throughout your life and begin the process of revealing new possibilities as you explore how they might be applied in your personal life, your community, and beyond. 

This retreat is an invitation to become whole. To reveal and allow all aspects of you so that you can show up as your true Self:
Unapologetic, Powerful, & Beautiful.


Register with a deposit of $300 and save your spot while locking in the early bird rate of $650.00.

Lasting Impact Of This Program: 

  • A deep knowing of your personal truth.

  • A connection to your body and the wisdom it holds.

  • The T.R.U.T.H method that can be used again and again to REVEAL and release self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from living in alignment with your truth.

  • A deep and lasting sense of peace and well-being.

  • The ability to process challenging emotions without feeling overwhelmed and

  • Living your most fulfilled life as a result of revealing the truth of your being.

  • A deep awareness for the importance of sisterhood and what it means to support and celebrate one another as women.

  • An inner confidence to authentically express yourself clearly and without apology.

  • Beautiful memories and revelations that will last a lifetime.

Don’t pass this up. This is YOUR time. Join us and spread your wings!

... yes to all of the above, AND

Those who know TRP,  know that we like to keep it REAL (& fun, edgy & challenging). 

Simply bring yourself as you are, and let us engage you in a very cool weekend of personal discovery with a group of great women that you won't soon forget. 

tRP team member andrea willets

tRP team member andrea willets


We will explore and reveal through meditation, conversation, coaching, creative processing, witnessing, journaling, sharing & laughing.

Graduates of our programs have published their dream books, shifted to more fulfilling careers, and brought their voice back to center stage. Now it’s YOUR turn.

Are YOU ready for YOUR big reveal? 

We are committed to witnessing the one wild and precious YOU and guiding you to explore a a new way of bringing your T.R.U.T.H.™ to the forefront of your life, leveraging the gifts you were given to feel your full wing-span.  

You don't want to pass this opportunity up!

This retreat is an incredible opportunity to kick-start your passion, and re-kindle your love affair with your personal power. What would it be like to walk away knowing yourself in a whole new way?

No past experience with TRP is necessary and all women are welcome with open arms

Our Bold Claim: 

Since 2010, we at the Revelation Project have witnessed women transform their beliefs about what is possible for their lives.  During our workshops, we've watched women emerge and literally "come to life" as we've held them in brave conversations at the edge of their comfort zone.  Through our refined techniques, co-active coaching, and an incredible dedication to process, we turn an intimate lens towards each woman who joins us so she may witness her own unique strength and beauty and become reacquainted with the innate wisdom of her soul. We believe that what gets revealed gets healed.

More Details: 


219 House Kennebunk Maine


October 4th, 5th & 6th

Program Fee:

$650 with a deposit of $300 now.

(This special offer ends July 10th 2019)
Fee’s Includes all program materials, private or shared room, meals & beverage

Disclaimer; We tend to be food snobs. Please plan on delicious and healthy meals, prepared from sustainable sources!


Additional program schedule details + travel directions from airports and tri-state area will be sent via email after your complete registration.

Check in:  Friday October 4th

1:00 PM

Program Kick Off Friday October 4th

3:00 PM

Program Conclusion Sunday October 6th 1:00 PM

About the Property:
Please click on the image below to view the 219 House in Kennebunk Maine for a glimpse into your cozy and stylish accomodations: