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If someone hired a sports coach in order to play their best game or to train to achieve a major goal like the Olympics, no one would think twice, right?  Life coaching is no different.  If you want to play your best life-game, expand your access to joy and happiness, achieve greater recognition at work, or figure out what it is you'd truly be amazing at, then you'll want to hire a life-coach. 

When is the last time you truly felt like leaping out of bed to face the day with enthusiasm and inspiration?  

Coaching conducted by phone or zoom.. now that's smart. 

Why you want to hire a co-active coach:

  • You want to step out of your comfort zone and experience shifts in your life.

  • You want to explore your life's purpose and discover your passion.

  • You want to deeply know yourself or heal unresolved pain or trauma.

  • You want to bring more joy and wonder to your daily experience.

  • You want a more fulfilling relationship.

  • You want to quit your job and find something you really want to spend your time doing.

Smart-Coaching™ is designed to: 

  • Connect you to your purpose

  • Reveal your strengths

  • Access your insights for self-awareness

  • Expand your awareness of what is possible

  • Release fears or habits that hold you back (myth-busting)

  • Discover new perspectives

  • Explore new ways of being

  • Inspire action to create new opportunities for joy

  • Deepen your connection to what matters to you most

The word "coach" can be a misnomer at times.  Think instead of knowing yourself and your life's direction in a way that has deep meaning and purpose for you, and that connects you to more passion, joy, and fulfillment. Think about being able to navigate life's challenges with more ease and the ability to balance and harmonize your personal and professional life. You actually have an inner guidance system to achieve everything you desire, and a coach is here to help you find it.

Revelation Smart-Coaching uses a licensed and world-renowned method of coaching called "Co-Active Coaching"Our team has been through a rigorous certification process to help you do just that.  We call it Smart-Coaching because it's just as effective by phone, Skype/Zoom, as it is in person, making it incredibly accessible and convenient ( and we can in fact meet by person, if you'd prefer!). 

The Co-Active method of coaching is less about the rah-rah driven goals and more about getting to know yourself in an honest way and accessing that inner part of you that knows the answers. While the process can be therapeutic, it's not about "fixing" you, or perseverating over your past.  It's a revolutionary way of revealing your personal truth and gifts; living a life that has meaning and purpose now, and moving into the future.

Meet Monica Rodgers: CPCC 

Photo taken by Robyn Ivy Photography for The Revelation Project

My name is Monica, and I love working with clients all over the world. I love to guide them to their own discoveries and help them harness the power they already innately have to reveal their strengths and achieve their goals.  The term "Co-Active" really means the state of both doing and being. Tapping into the balance between the two and leveraging both powerfully. 

Revelation Smart-Coaching™ is designed to assist you in all aspects of your daily life; to re-assess, explore, identify your gifts, and reveal your life's purpose. Coaching helps you access more vitality, joy and passion.  It's also a remarkable tool for getting un-stuck in our thought patterns, jobs, relationships and more. You don't have to partake in our other programs to participate in our one-on-one coaching sessions.  Just fill out an inquiry form below! I'd love to set up a 15 minute call and answer any questions you might have. 

Co-Active Smart Coaching With Monica (2 Sessions)

This Co-Active Smart Coaching package is for (2) 60 minute phone or in-person sessions. Once you submit payment, I'll be in touch via email to  schedule our first 2 sessions. 

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Monica’s coaching has been enlightening. With common sense and humor, she helped me to see things through a lens I never knew existed. It’s been very surprising to see that the way I react to triggers in my life has ultimately been a hindrance to growth in my career and in my personal life. I’ve learned that seeing things the way they actually are, as opposed to how I think they should be, is the first step in transforming patterns that inhibit me. Monica is highly intelligent, honest, and empowering. She helped me to recognize that I have the tools I need to live the life I want to live. She’s helped me to follow through with changes that I may have otherwise abandoned for fear of “upsetting the applecart”. She truly has a gift.
— Deirdre Weedon
Admittedly, I was skeptical of life coaching. But after my first session it was clear that Monica’s wisdom, empathy, compassion, warmth (and humor!) was exactly what I needed. Monica has given me incredible tools and insight that have empowered me in profound and unexpected ways. Thank you, Monica!!
— W.C.

Meet Andrea Willets, CPCC



I've been a CTI trained, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach for over 12 years.  I work with individuals, partnerships, teams, and companies. Coaching is a powerful and effective way to bring more awareness and intentional design to the outcomes that are desired for your personal and professional life. Whatever your coaching focus may be we believe coaching impacts the whole life. Are you living a life that is aligned with you who your are; your values, beliefs, and truth? If not, coaching will help you to do just that!

My work with The Revelation Project has brought my coaching to a whole new level of passion and purpose for what I do, and I'm thrilled to bring this transformative work to my clients. A free consult call is available.

Our Smart-Coaching packages are reasonably priced with flexible payment options. 


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