Many Ask.

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The REVEAL photo session is designed to welcome our participants into a partnership with the unknown as a means of provoking an awakening. She never actually knows the release date of her photos, nor does she see them before they are released on the TRP Facebook Page.

Scary, right? 

We do this by design. The revealed photos are just one milestone in her larger project.  

We say that TRP begin's when you register.
We ask our participants to start noticing what fears or thoughts begin to creep up in the weeks or months before the shoot.  After she enrolls and chooses her date, we send her a pre-interview so that the team can begin to know her better and prepare for her workshop. 

We ask that she bring her full self to the REVEAL shoot, even her fears.

We ask that she just notice and..

  • While she is welcomed to bring a wardrobe, we may never use it and may choose instead to create from our own. 
  • She is asked not to look in the mirror for the duration of the shoot.
  • She has *almost no say in how we choose her set design, hair, or makeup. 
  • We ask that she trust that anything that shows up as part of the shoot, is exactly what is wanting to be there.
  • She does not see the photographs until they are revealed on social media ( at the same time anyone else can also view them ) and she never knows the release date until the moment they are published.
  • She does not have any part in the editorial process so the images we reveal are the one's we have carefully curated to best reflect her experience and that most reveal her essence. 
  • We use social media as a witnessing tool so that her community can participate in celebrating, honoring, and acknowledging her. ( Follow our FB page to view albums as they are revealed.)
  • After her photos are revealed we send her an interview and then we publish the entirety of her documented project on our blog. (Read Interviews here.)

Why do we do this?

The Revelation Project is Multidimensional

  • It's about witnessing yourself (women) in the world at both a micro and macro level and about exploring what it means to be a feminine human being right here, right now, at home, at work, and in the world. 
  • It's about busting myths told to women about women since the dawn of time and shedding the disempowering stories and lies we tell ourselves daily (I'm too much, too little, too big, too small, too this, too that).
  • It's about revealing aspects of yourself that want to be embraced, seen & known; even the shadows. 
  • It's an invitation to reclaim the parts of yourself you may have lost, shamed, neglected, ignored, abandoned or betrayed. 
  • It's about claiming your space, power, strength, beauty, complexity, wisdom, courage, vulnerability.
  • It's about being exactly who you are, without apology
  • It's about seeing yourself clearly; honestly.
  • It's about telling your story and leaping into the unknown.
  • It's about being seen 
  • In some cases it's a conduit for women to connect to and witness their own essence beyond what is physical.  

The Revelation Project ask's two things of our participants: 

  1. Have courage (be afraid and do it anyway). 

  2. Trust.

We ask for trust because the Project is a conduit for magic, and it's never failed. We don't know how or why, we trust that each woman who comes to the project will get exactly what she needs, and she does. 

One more thing: 

Many people have asked us why we only photograph beautiful women:

The answer is because beautiful women is all we see.  I've never met a woman who is not inherently beautiful.

Other people have asked why our body of work does not reflect all races.

We welcome all colors, shapes, sizes, & sexual orientations. We welcome all women to the project who see a possibility for themselves in working with us. We would love nothing more than to attract and document women of all races and ethnicities and we hope that as our work reaches more women, that our work will reflect all.


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TRP is not a glamour shoot.  We are not a "before and after" and we certainly do not strive to portray any of our participants as anything other than who they truly are. 

We use makeup and hair as a means of emphasis and light to illuminate when needed.  We also strive to create an atmosphere of play and often seek a creative edge when it avails itself as inspiration throughout the process. 

You'll notice that some of our participants have been captured with props that conjure toward larger themes happening in the world that reflect politics, relationships, gender roles, or that juxtapose contrasting themes. 

We co-create these images with our participants as a means of exploration, or to surface fears as an access to freedom. We also facilitate the imagery as a means to communicate a message or theme that's important to our participant that words do not adequately express and that may also represent a collective consciousness that wants to be revealed.  Some of these images are incredibly powerful and thought provoking.  We invite you to dialog, share them and use them as a vehicle for discussion and connection with your own online community. 

If you'd like to register to do the project, please click the button below or contact us to ask more questions. We'd love to meet you!